48 Hours In Bucharest

Bucharest, the capital of Romania has quickly become one of the top destinations for a weekend getaway for those residing in Europe. It is just a short flight serviced by a variety of low-cost carriers and once in this Eastern European city visitors can treat themselves to all sorts of activities for a very affordable price. Here’s how to spend a weekend in this bustling Romanian city.

Day 1: Morning

You can check-in to your hotel and drop your bags off before you head out into the city proper. If you want something luxe then the Athenee Palace Hilton will not disappoint with its opulent crystal chandeliers and marble columns in the foyer. Something that is a bit more budget friendly would be the Pura Vida Skybar and Hostel which gives you a pretty magnificent view of the city.


Now that you’ve checked-in it is time to see some sites. Bucharest is full of parks but the one to see is Cișmigiu Park which has been around since the mid-1800s. There are great little cafes dotting the perimeter of the park for you to sit and have a coffee at while you people watch before continuing on to the National Museum of Contemporary Art in the Palace of the Parliament. You will truly be walking through history as you wander around the Palace proper and take in some of the greatest pieces of Romanian art to date.


The Old City is known for its bar scene which means you have to at least stop at one for some of the ambiance and a quick cocktail. Apollo 111 is usually pretty busy and full of Bucharest’s alternative crowd. If you want something a tad quieter opt to go to Beca’s Kitchen for some Romanian cuisine.

Day 2: Morning

Depending on how your night went you might be a bit bleary-eyed but if you are wide awake and ready to start your day then consider heading to Dianei 4 for coffee and a pastry or a full-blown Romanian breakfast platter to sustain you on your last day.

48 Hours In Bucharest


You have two great options depending on what kind of activities you want to do. There are the Therme Bucuresti if you feel like putting on your swimsuit and enjoying the thermal waters which are purported to have great health benefits. If that’s not your cup of tea then the Village Museum will provide you with a snapshot of Romanian life from all over the country and it features interactive exhibits and structures for you to walk through which is a lot of fun.

Time to head back home and start planning your next European getaway!