Affordable Winter Breaks

When the winter comes around, it doesn’t mean that you have to turn your back on taking a vacation. Enjoying some time away to visit a new place or to simply relax shouldn’t be confined to those couple of weeks in summer. Yes, ok it can be cold, but winter is also a very beautiful season, with the cold creeping in we can enjoy the fresh air, socializing by a fire somewhere as well as using it as an excuse for endless cuddles from your loved ones.

As winter isn’t the typical time for people to take a break, it means that taking a vacation this season is pretty affordable. Being thrifty and keeping your eye on flight prices can be really beneficial when looking to scoop a good deal. Of course, you’re not guaranteed to end up in a low-cost location, so we’ve done the leg work for you. Check out these places that won’t break the bank this winter.


During the winter months, popular online travel companies claim Nevada to be one of the cheapest places to fly to, with flights being priced at around $200 for a round-trip. As well as being able to take some time out on the Las Vegas strip (while it is a little quieter), there are also plenty of outdoor activities that people may not be aware of. From skiing and hiking, be sure to check out what hotels include treats such as a heated pool and more.

Affordable Winter Breaks

Asheville, North Carolina

Flights out to Asheville are new on the scene which means they are particularly well priced. Until the destination gains more attention, the prices are likely to stay on the lower side but as with everything, we’re sure they’re going to raise the costs once people catch on to the idea. Out in the Blue Ride Mountains, winter airfares drop to around 40% of the price in the summer. Use it as an excuse to put on your new winter garments and take a walk downtown to visit the Art Deco area of the city. There are also some stunning hikes that are great for beginners through to the experts.

Affordable Winter Breaks

Flagstaff, Arizona

Arizona is a popular spot during the winter months with people flocking to the area to jump on the slopes. While most head to Phoenix, Flagstaff is equally as beautiful but with less people. A round-trip during the colder months costs around $300. With a range of activities from stargazing, brewery hopping, hiking, skiing and more, this spot is really worth a visit.