Best Ghostly Haunts In The UK

If you are in the UK this Halloween and looking for a frightfully good time then you are in luck because there are spooky places all over the United Kingdom. With plenty of old castles, ruins and historic towns its no wonder that so many places in the UK are rumored to be haunted. With various haunts in Chester, York, London, and Edinburgh all competing for the title of the most haunted place in England you can have your pick of haunted places to visit. Here are some of the UK’s most haunted and spooky places.

Lancaster Castle
This complex of 12th-century buildings is the fateful site of the Pendle witches trials that took place in 1612 as well as several other executions and trials. The most popular lore about the castle is that it is haunted by the souls of the Pendle witches who were sentenced to death for witchcraft.

Best Ghostly Haunts In The UK

The castles gloomy medieval dungeon is also said to be haunted by many menacing spirits and only the bravest spend the night here. The castle still serves as a courthouse so large portions of the grounds are out of bounds to the public,  but there are overnight ghost tours that operate on the site and are guaranteed to terrify.

This idyllic town is the birthplace of William Shakespeare and has a noble history with many of the town’s medieval Elizabethan buildings still standing proud. Situated along the River Avon, these historical buildings also have a dark side, with many ghosts said to make appearances. From ghostly maidens appearing in staircases to even Shakespeare’s ghost haunting the town, it’s possibly one of the most haunted towns in England.

The town has also attracted a large number of witches and Wiccans who have decided to call the town their home. In addition to the town ghost walk which takes place every Saturday, the town also has several other haunted and frightful attractions and Wiccan shops.

Pluckley Village
This tiny Kent village has been named Britain’s most haunted village by the Guinness Book of Records with a whopping 14 ghosts making regular appearances. Visitors to the village are likely to see the haunted stagecoach and horses that barrel through the town at breakneck speeds. Passersby swear that you can hear the coach approaching, with the sound of the coachman’s whip echoing in the narrow streets.


Best Ghostly Haunts In The UK

If graveyards weren’t creepy enough in general, the graveyard at the St Nicholas church is haunted by two phantom women who roam the graveyard and terrify visitors with their supernatural wailing. The village ghost tours that are held regularly are said to be spooktacular as visitors tour the village at night.