The Best Helicopter Rides On This Planet

The Best Helicopter Rides On This Planet

How many times have you been staring out at a breath-taking view and wish you could see it from above? If there’s one thing most of us wish we could do, it’s to fly and although we don’t have wings, we can take an exciting helicopter ride above some of the world’s stunning places. Taking a ride in a helicopter is nothing like an airplane, a much smaller and personal experience, you can feel each movement and your adrenaline is sure to pick up. Not only that, but a helicopter can fly much closer to land, giving you an insane birds-eye view. From swooping over water to circling sky-scrappers and more, these are just some of the most idyllic places to take a helicopter ride.

Hong Kong

Flying above Hong Kong is more than exciting, most tour companies will offer both private and shared helicopter tours. Taking the sky, you will see the Central District that is home to many international headquarters as well as the city’s tallest tower. Hong Kong’s version of the Hollywood walk of fame can be seen as well as Aberdeen and the Star Ferry Pier.

Columbia Mountains, Canada

Take a tour high above the sparkling turquoise blue lakes and jagged peaks of the Columbia Mountains. Where dense pine forests shadow specific areas this is a popular place for people to take a romantic helicopter ride. Some have described it as a “once in a lifetime experience”.

The Best Helicopter Rides On This Planet

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A city full of culture and life, a helicopter ride above Rio de Janeiro comes highly recommended. Witnessing its stunning landscape and architecture, the place really is something else. Glide around the great Christ the Redeemer and witness this famous statue that began construction back in 1922.