Caerula Mar Club: HGTV’s New Baeumler Family Resort

Caerula Mar Club: HGTV’s New Baeumler Family Resort

The Canadian Baeumler family which is headed by Bryan and Sarah has been seen on HGTV for a long time with their shows detailing various construction projects. But it was when this couple decided to purchase a rundown Carribean resort that they caught the travel world’s eye. Caerula Mar Club has been a long time in the making and their HGTV show Island of Bryan has been detailing all the ups and downs of renovating a resort in the Bahamas. The opening date has been pushed back but it is finally set to welcome its first guests this July. Here is what guests have to look forward to.

The Experience

Sarah Baeumler has been instrumental in designing the boutique hotel from top to bottom and that shines through in the design aesthetic. The whole resort features cool white-washed walls, large patios or decks depending on whether or not one is staying in a villa or a guest room, and a wide swathe of private white sand beach. Everything has been curated for the traveler who wants to kick back in paradise while having access to every amenity they might want. And with an eye to being eco-friendly Sarah has created a biodegradable bath and body line with Lovefresh that will be featured in each villa or room.

The Cuisine

With three dining options available at this small resort guests will not have any problems finding what they want. There is a smoothie and coffee bar called Switcha which offers light fare throughout the day like fresh fruit parfaits and paninis. Then there is Driffs which has been designed as a poolside bar where guests can order pizzas while they hang out and sip on Mai Tais. And last but not least, there is the restaurant, Lusca which will be serving up mango Caprese salads, lobster ravioli and many other delicacies sourced from local ingredients. It sounds like it will be an unforgettable dining experience each night, especially with that ocean backdrop.

Caerula Mar Club: HGTV’s New Baeumler Family Resort

Health and Wellness

No boutique resort would be complete without spa and massage services and this new one is no different. They will be offering treatments that use local products and ones that are all sustainably farmed and from fairtrade sources. Lovefresh will be used but from the sound of it Sarah has spent a lot of time doing market research to see which luxury products will make the cut at her resort.

With only one month to go their fans and travelers alike are waiting with bated breath to see if this new luxe hotel lives up to all of the hype.