Exiting Secrets Along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast

While you may think Namibia’s skeleton coast sounds like a desolate, post-apocalyptic wasteland, the region has some remarkable sites. Here the water too cold to swim but the dunes and surrounding landscape offer hidden treasures. For many visitors, the inhospitable environments stark scenery and quite can be hauntingly beautiful and here even when you think no life can exist, nature has other plans. Here are some of the best attractions to see on the Skeleton Coast.

Visit the Skeleton Coast National Park
Here you can tour the dunes and eerie beaches by Land Rover and see the many shipwrecks that lay exposed on the hots sands. There are also many whale skeletons that litter the coastline.

Despite this desolate atmosphere, there are still patches of greenery and water sources hidden deep in the desert that many animals rely on and here you can track elephant and buck and admire the wildlife.

Hike The Ugab River Trail
Here you can hike across the Namib gravel plains with an experienced guide and explore some of the most beautiful rock formations on the planet. In this remote place, as side form the occasional hiker, only the wind, the river and time interact with the land and together they have created breathtaking rock formations.

Exiting Secrets Along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast

It is a wonderful experience to see the beauty of the area and find inner peace in the quite. The trail then moves further inland to the foot of the escarpment. As you move away from the Skeleton Coast the landscape is dotted with more greenery and the end of the trail stops at some natural springs where you can rejuvenate yourself in the waters.

Surf the dunes
As the dunes of Skeleton Coast ripple across the landscape and these peaks and valleys are perfect for dune boarding and surfing. Here you can board down a frozen ocean of waves and when you slide down one dune there is always another waiting for you.

You can board down much like snowboarding (leaning back a little more though) or you can go sledding down the slopes sitting down. Either way, it is an exhilarating experience filled with hours of fun.