Explore The Ancient Ruins Of Navan, Ireland

Explore The Ancient Ruins Of Navan, Ireland

The country town of Navan, Ireland has a lot to offer curious visitors with its charming main square, adorable Irish pubs, and friendly townsfolk. However, it’s the bucolic landscape that surrounds the town that hides the most remarkable medieval ruins that are filled with the most wonder. these medieval sites are filled with history and intrigued and whisper back to the days of old. For those interested in learning more about medieval Ireland and the tales of lored and lady’s then these ruins have a fascinating story to tell.

See One Of The Finest Examples Of Irish Round Towers At Donaghmore
The tower, church, and graveyard of Donaghmore all sit quietly in the tranquil landscape not far from Navan. The lofty medieval tower was completed in the 12th century and stands 27 meters tall, a whopping height for primitive medieval builders. While the tower itself looks like it came from the pages of ‘Rapunzel’ it’s actually one of the finest examples of round towers found in Ireland. For its time this tower was a marvel and the ancient church and graveyard that lay at its base hold many ancient secrets, tales, and legends.

Stand In The Presence Of Historical Bectin Abbey

The ruins of the abbey sit near the river Bectin in the picturesque part of the countryside. There is real beauty in the contrast of the grey stones of the medieval ruins and the lush green of the surrounding pastures. The abbey was originally founded in 1147 and while the building is mostly in ruin parts of it still stand tall. Standing in front of the abbey, visitors cannot help but be in awe of what the medieval builders managed to achieve. Legend has it that a golden coffin is buried on the site, and while archeologists have discovered many fantastic artifacts the coffin has yet to be found.

Experience the Charm of Dunmoe Castle
Dunmoe Castle is a masculine two-story fortress located on a steep hill near the river Boyne. The castle was built by the D’Arcy family in the 15th century and King James is rumored to have once stayed there one night before the great battle of Boyne.

Not only do visitors get to see the ancient ruins of a medieval castle, but the castle has a commanding view of the surrounding valley below, with picturesque views of the fertile pastures and winding rive. The views of the surrounding countryside are strikingly beautiful and visitors can enjoy these views all from the ancient fortress. It is the perfect location for a picnic or photoshoot.