A Fine Vintage: Saumur, France

The Loire Valley is one of the most popular wine regions in France, both for their white wines like chardonnay but also for their sparkling ones. In Saumur, in particular, they are known for their wide array of white, red and rose sparkling wines. If you are a sparkling wine connoisseur or just like the bubbly then you need to check out these wineries, and if you feel like you want a little bit more than sipping on wine go on a tour and learn about how it is made.

Maison Louis de Grenelle

This beautiful vineyard is considered to be one of the best in Saumur and has been operating since 1859. You can take a tour of the winery to learn about its history along with how they produce some of their classic sparkling wines like the CUVÉE IVOIRE. Their wines are characterized by fruits like peaches and apricots and you can choose between white, rose, and red ones. The estate itself is beautiful and well worth a wander.


Next up, is the beautiful Langlois-Chateau which has been running since 1885. This brand itself actually has three vineyards scattered throughout French wine country, but this one itself is once again focused on producing quality sparkling wines. They offer seven different sparkling wines in red and rose which tend to be on the dryer side. They have a beautiful tasting room, which features outdoor seating. Also, they are partnered with Jacques Bollinger which are known internationally for their quality wines.

Château de Chaintres

This château is like taking a step back in time which makes it a different experience than the previous two. The house itself was built in the 17th century and has been kept in the de Tigny family for the last three generations, and is still run by them. Their wine bears the organic seal and while you can buy a sparkling wine from them, they have many other wines that are not effervescent such as the Château de Chaintres 1989 red which is especially good with red meat for the steak lovers out there!


If you want to spend a weekend touring around the many more vineyards in the area there are many small châteaus in the area for you to stay at. One, in particular, stands out, Château de Beaulieu which was built in 1727 which has long since been turned into a bed and breakfast. So grab a bottle of sparkling wine from the vineyard next door, head out to the pool and relax after a long day of tastings.