Horse Lover? Go On A Dude Ranch Vacation

We love an out of the box holiday and for the animal lovers out there a holiday on a dude ranch in Colorado is definitely a neat experience. Horseback riding is an acquired taste but for those who are used to being on horseback then you know it is the best way to see the backcountry and live the life of a cowboy or cowgirl. But what should you expect from a ranch vacation? It’s not all riding, mucking out stalls, and wrangling cows.

The Ranch

Your typical working dude ranch will have wooden cabins for their visitors to rest up after a long day of riding. Naturally, they will be decorated with cowboy paraphernalia, think lots of big stone fireplaces, wooden furniture, and of course a good decorative cowboy hat. The Colorado Ranch Resort offers some top notch cabins and big soaker tubs for those who are saddle sore (which is pretty much everyone unless you ride every day).

A Day In The Life

Some ranches will be strictly for guests but most are still working cattle ranches. This means that the cattle will need to be moved a few times a season to make sure they make it to the best areas for grazing before they are rounded up in the fall. Guests who come during the ‘round-up’ season and are proficient riders will be trained by the seasoned cowboys on how to wrangle the cattle and herd them up to the valleys they need to be in. If you have ever dreamed of camping out under the stars around a fire pit with a bedroll, your horse nibbling on some wayward grass, and maybe even someone playing an instrument in the evening then this will be perfect for you.

Horse Lover? Go On A Dude Ranch Vacation

Catch Your Own Dinner

Since a lot of this experience happens in the backcountry it means that there are a lot of opportunities to catch your own dinner. What does this mean? Fishing! That’s right there are a lot of rivers and streams for a cowboy taking a break from a long ride to catch some dinner. This is a great activity for children as well as it is important for them to learn where food comes from and see that everyone used to live off the land.

This is perfect for a city slicker looking to re-center, a couple looking for a new experience, or a family looking to get back to basics while still having some modern amenities. Plus, the steaks are pretty delicious we here!