The Land Of Golf And Scotch: Scotland

Summer seems like the perfect time for a nice round of golf followed by some time in the clubhouse sipping on some fine scotch but in order to really experience both of these things then you need to go to the source itself: Scotland. Scotland has long been known as a part of the great British isle that is rich in history from the Highlanders right down to two of its greatest inventions: scotch and golf. But how would you plan a trip to Scotland where you get to do both of these things and still fully experience the majesty of this beautiful country? We have come up with a quick guide which will have you sipping on some of the finest scotches and driving balls on some of the world’s oldest golf courses.

The Highlands

This is the area where you should start your tour from, whether it is one you are doing yourself or with an actual tour group, Carr Golf offers a lovely one. And if you are planning to be sipping on a lot of scotch it might be in your best interest to make sure you have another form of transport either be it a private driver or a private tour bus. Glenmorangie Whiskey distillery is an excellent one to start with. It is world renowned and was first distilled in 1843. After having your fill there you can opt to rest for the evening in one of the many fine boutique hotels or continue on for a round of golf depending on how much of the day is left and whether or not you can hold your gold club at an even angle.

The Land Of Golf And Scotch: Scotland

The Golf

James Braid was one of the foremost golf course designers in the 19th century and the Brora Golf Club which was created in 1891 is considered to be one of his finest works. Imagine beautifully manicured lawns in the Scottish countryside and a course that is designed to test your mettle. The next course you should head to is the Royal Dornoch which is just up the coast from Brora. Make sure you get a good night’s rest before you hit this one because it is considered one of the top 100 golf courses in the world and you will want to bring your A-game. Once you have completed your round it is time for some more whiskey tasting!

Distilleries In The Area

There are a plethora of superb distilleries in Tain for you to sip your way through and Balblair needs to be on your list. They do not produce a large quantity of whiskey which makes it something for the connoisseur to try. It was created in 1790 and continues to distill its whiskeys according to the practices of old which is what gives it such a smooth finish. Just make sure when you are planning your trip that you go to at least two courses and two distilleries as you need something to compare!