MidBurn: Israel’s Answer To The Burning Man

MidBurn: Israel’s Version of the Burning Man

Most of us have heard of the Burning Man festival, a phenomenon that only gets bigger as the years go by. Built upon the idea of bringing all kinds of people together to build one big community, the festival takes place at Black Rock City in the northwest of the Nevada Desert. The city is temporary and specifically erected for the festival. Bringing around 100,000 people together from all over the world, the festival was the first of its kind.

Wanting to follow suit of the inspiring community that Burning Man creates, Israel has created their very own version, known as the Midburn. Bringing people together, the non-profit organization is built on the same principles of inspiring creativity, encouraging community and environmental development. On a smaller scale compared to the Burning Man, the festival brings around 40,000 people together who help to create whirlwind event.

MidBurn: Israel’s Version of the Burning Man

“The Midburn Community Aims to Leave a Positive Mark on Israeli Society Through Culture, Art, Developing Social Initiatives and Community Responsibility. Midburn Operates in the Spirit of an International Organization, the Burning Man, and Maintains Ten Principles on Which the Organization’s Culture and Guidelines Are Based.”

The festival is over 6 days, with people being able to attend for the full 6 days or shorter. Based in the Negev Desert in the south of Israel, the organizers encourage everyone attending to bring something for others, with the intention that everyone comes together and shares food, drink and everything in between.

MidBurn: Israel’s Version of the Burning Man

Beginning in 2011, it was a group of Israeli Burners (the nickname for those that attend the Burning Man festival) that felt inspired to bring that sense of togetherness to their own country, thus began the creation of the Midburn. Starting out by organizing theme nights to the people of Israel, spreading their vision, they quickly realized that it was something many would get behind and help to create. Launching their new community, they hosted the “Mama Burn” on HaBonim beach that attracted a total of 600 attendees, next there was the Octoburn, where news spread and attracted three times the crowd, with between 1400-1800 people showing up.

With the first official festival in 2014, this year sees the event arrive later in the year, with a special twist due to a difficulty in finding a location, the community will experience Burn Inmotion.

For more details on how to attend the festival next year, head to their website – https://midburn.org/