Shipwreck Diving: Amed, Bali

For the divers out there Bali is definitely a choice destination, but if you are looking for something a little bit different then reefs or caves, Amed is the place to be. This still largely undeveloped area on the Eastern coast of Bali is renowned for its shipwreck diving. These wrecks are good for both scuba and freediving depending on what you like. You can rent you gear there from the handful of dive shops who will also you drive you out to the shipwrecks and make sure your gear is in working order. Here’s a sneak peek until you get out there yourself.

USS Liberty Shipwreck

This is one of the most famous dive sites in Bali and you will see why as soon as you come upon it. Spanning 130 meters long in around 30 meters of water this ship that was sunk by a Japanese torpedo is truly something to be seen. You can snorkel along the top, or dive into the structure itself which is quickly being reclaimed by the ocean. You can dive through various rooms and see schools of fish, tons of brightly colored coral growing on it, and the occasional barracuda. Make sure to bring a GoPro or underwater camera because you will want to remember this.

Japanese Wreck

The wreck sits off of a black sand beach near the village of Banyuning and is only in about 5 meters of water making it an easy dive or snorkel. The water is relatively calm here so the visibility is quite good. This site is better for seeing pygmy seahorses and other fish like groupers. If you can, try to arrive in early in the morning as the water will be clearer and you can avoid the rush of snorkelers coming from farther destinations on Bali like Sanur. Any diver or snorkeler knows it is nicer to have the area to yourself and a select few rather than a horde which is what staying in Amed offers you.

Gili Selang

This small island (gili) is a quick boat ride away and is truly meant for diving, weather permitting. If you want to see huge schools of fish that will swarm around you and bigger marine life like reef sharks and dolphins then this is the ideal site. It should be noted though that this is for experienced divers as you need to have a knowledge of currents and tides to understand how to read the conditions. The coral gardens that draw the marine life here though will be some of the most vibrant you will see in the area.