Soak Up The Sun In Santorini

Santorini is a favorite holiday destination for many a traveler. The picturesque white and blue buildings that stud the island, combined with the windmills, donkeys winding up the narrow streets and the delicious food to be found on every corner makes it a delight for the senses. While it is most definitely a major tourist spot there are still some lovely places to find some rest and respite in and accommodations to fit the budget of any traveler who wants their time on the island.

Soak Up The Sun In Santorini

How To Get Here:

You have a couple of options depending on your budget. You can fly from a lot of different European countries directly to the island or catch a ferry from Athens which can take between five to eight hours. If time is of the essence and you have a job back in your home country to get back to flying might be the best choice to maximize your time on the island.

Soak Up The Sun In Santorini

Where To Stay:

There are four main towns that offer the best viewpoints, food, and amenities. Fira, Oia, Imerovigli, and Firostefani are where most travelers like to book a place in. Fira and Oia have those picture perfect views often displayed on the front pages of magazines and Instagram pages. If sunsets are what you are looking for head over to Esperas in Oia or Art Maisons Oia Castle Hotel to capture some of the best ones. If privacy and being in your own little bubble either alone or with a loved one is what you want then Carpe Diem Santorini and Aenaon Villas Imerovigli offer seclusion and beauty.

What To Do:

With cliffside beaches, ancient ruins, and amazing wineries all on the island deciding how to spend each day can take some real planning. No trip is complete without a visit to Ancient Thera a ruinous city that sits on top of a mountain and gives you a view out to the Aegean. If white sandy beaches are more your thing then a day at Paralia Vlychada is a must. You can rent a sun lounger for the day, sip on some ouzo and soak up the sun. Last but not least, hit some of the vineyards like Domaine Sigalas and the Wine Museum to learn more about what the region has been producing and taste some of the vintages. In any event, this is a big island with a lot to do so get out there and make the most of your trip. The evenings can be for relaxing or partying!