The Best Places To Swim With Whales

Whale watching is one of the most amazing things a person can do. Although it can sometimes be a little scary, the majority of people overcome their fear pretty quickly once they are used to being so close to these friendly giants. Swimming with these wonderful marine mammals can open one’s mind far beyond belief and although sights cannot be guaranteed every time, these places are much more dependable than others. So, what are you waiting for?

Sri Lanka

One of the most popular places to go whale watching is in Sri Lanka, this is due to the fact that the area has one of the biggest concentrations of pygmy blue whales on the planet! People can opt to go on one of the many underwater safari’s that they offer however the trip does come with a warning. As the whales are so used to humans, they are comfortable with swimming in close to the groups of people, for some, this is just too close for comfort. It is recommended that those taking the trip are “strong swimmers and have a passion for marine life”.

Gladden Spit, Belize

The best time to visit is in between April and June when you can take a trip to the south and witness the mesmerizing whale shark. One of the world’s pelagic feeders, the mammal is particularly friendly and when they are in a playful mood, they are happy to hang around anyone that is snorkeling and diving. For these whales, they have a schedule which you are better to follow. Around the full moon, the Cubera Snappers spawn and they happen to be the whale shark’s favorite food, so they are often close by.

The Best Places To Swim With Whales

Utila, Honduras

Another great spot for the whale shark is in Honduras. Much more frequent in March to April and then August to September, both snorkelers and divers can have a great time at this spot. A lot of the time, you will most likely see a whale shark on their rather than in a pod.