Visit the enchanting coastline of Mozambique

Visit the enchanting coastline of Mozambique

On the southeastern coastline of Africa lies Mozambique, bordered by the warm, tropical Indian Ocean. Mozambique is the place where jungle and African safaris meet white sandy beaches alongside heaps of forgotten history. This hidden gem has strong historical influences from Portuguese and middle eastern travelers who colonized the region and helped to shape Mozambican food as well as its relaxed atmosphere and culture.

This varied location has created a unique destination that boasts some of the most dramatically beautiful coastlines around the world. If you are interested in a tropical vacation with picture-perfect beaches, great food, diving, and snorkeling as well as seeing marine wildlife in all its splendor, then this is the place for you. Mozambique is a must-see and here are just some of the reasons why.

The Climate

Mozambique is conveniently located just south of the equator and as a result, its climate is not as hot as equatorial countries, yet at the same time not as cold as countries located further south. The country enjoys a tropical climate which is perfect for an exotic holiday getaway where you will be able to enjoy the sunshine and comfortable temperatures. However, you may want to avoid the wet season which spans from October to March.

The Food

Oh, the food! Mozambique has an abundance of fresh seafood and fish that is caught locally. Here you will be able to enjoy some of the biggest prawns and crayfish you will ever eat! Mozambican cooking is renowned for its magical flavor combinations, where Malay and Portuguese flavors combine to produce some of the most mouthwatering, tantalizing dishes. Imagine the delicious flavor combinations of garlic, fiery chili, lemon and curry that play a key role in the country’s unique flavor profile.

Visit the enchanting coastline of Mozambique

One of the most influential ingredients used in meals is peri-peri (which means spicy-spicy). Peri-peri is a sauce made by grinding together red Birdseye chilies with fresh garlic, parsley, salt, and olive oil. This sauce is used as a marinade on chicken and fish and has a reputation for being devilishly addictive. It has become popular in many parts of the world, from South Africa to England.

White Sandy Beaches

This tropical paradise has the longest, uninterrupted stretch of Indian Ocean coastline in the world. Many of these white sandy beaches are unexplored, secluded and guaranteed to make you feel as though you are on your own private tropical island. Dotted along these castaway beaches you can find the occasional bar or dive center. Unlike most beaches today, these unbroken white sands are not overpopulated with tourists and hotels.

So, if you are an eco-tourist or just looking for a quiet beachside holiday without crowds, this is a great destination for you. The waters off the Indian ocean are warm and inviting and perfect for snorkeling, diving or swimming. Relax, listen to the waves, enjoy a cocktail and allow your soul to recharge.

Land of Smiles

Mozambique is the “land of smiles” and its locals are exceptionally friendly and welcoming to newcomers. Visitors can enjoy a forgiving laid back atmosphere that only adds to the tranquility of this beautiful location

The Marine Wildlife

Much of the marine wildlife in Mozambique is thriving and, for the most part, free of commercial fishing. This means that much of the coastline is open to diving and snorkeling offering an array of vivid reefs and shipwrecks. Its reefs are unbleached, healthy and overflowing, with some of the world’s most beautiful tropical fish and coral.

If you are diving around Tofo and Inhambanecan, you will have the chance to see giant manta rays, hammerhead sharks and (depending on the time of year) even whale sharks. From September to November you might even see a humpback whale and its calves as they visit the region for birthing.

Visit the enchanting coastline of Mozambique

Both Inhambane and Tofo are part of the Bazaruto National Park which is the main draw for tourists. Unlike most national parks in the surrounding regions, this national park was created in efforts to protect the remarkable Mozambican marine life and megafauna that can be found off the coast. The park covers a large area of ocean off the coast of Inhambane and six other islands.

The Cost of Being a Tourist

While it is not a budget destination, like many other countries in Africa, Mozambique is relatively cheap. The Mozambican metical, the country’s currency, is not exceptionally strong and it is therefore advised that tourists make use of South African Rands or American dollars. But be warned, when using dollars, you might find that the locals will charge you more than they usually would.