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Under The Tuscan Sun: Villa Rentals


Have you always dreamed of “La Dolce Vita” or the good life in Italy? Whiling away the summer or even a week in a villa in Tuscany is just what you need to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of your work and city life. It is the kind of place you just go to unwind by the pool, drink copious (or moderate) amounts of wine and savor delicious pasta all in the comfort of your own private villa. Finding the right luxury villa is no easy feat but these three are sure to knock your socks off in terms of decadence, they truly are “Bellissima.”

Villa Poggio
This beauty of a villa has all the rustic charm you could possibly want. It consists of three buildings with a variety of beds and bedrooms to choose from and to top it off it has its own pool and a chef’s kitchen. The olive trees that surround the villa are still used to produce olive oil, and the view across the Chaina Valley has Montecchio Castle smack dab in the middle of it. Essentially, you will find yourself holidaying with the amenities of now and a view of another era. Don’t forget to make use of the chef’s kitchen, you may even want to bring one in for an authentic Italian cooking class with local ingredients.

Villa II Gufo
Like most villas in this region, you do not simply rent a house you are really renting an estate and this villa is the king of them all. Found in the medieval town called Anghiari this villa is a collection of renovated farmhouses. They were built during the 17th century and have played host to monks when they used it as a monastery, and now in later years as a luxury holiday home. The entire property is landscaped and full of wildlife that has moved into the areas calm little woodland around it. This villa is designed for those looking to get back to basics, and with wineries nearby it is the perfect place to relax after a long day of tastings.

Villa La Fauci
This is one of the more sedate luxe villas in the area, with the giant pool being its crowning feature. If you are looking for a slightly smaller villa than the other two then this peach-colored piece of paradise is for you. It is in a more remote area of Tuscany known for being a favorite hideout of the Knights Templar for the history buffs. It was built in the 1800s and restored so that it is entirely modern inside and out. Although it does not have the rustic charm of the two others, the highbrow finishes will definitely appeal to those who want a city break with all the makings of a 5-star resort in their own little holiday home. Watch Under the Tuscan Sun and have your own moments but in a villa that does not need to be restored!