The Ultimate Style Guide To Holiday Travel Wear

The worst thing about traveling has got to be those hours in transit; on a plane, bus, train or boat, getting to your desired destination can often be a long-winded, tiring and stressful endeavor. If you’re hopping on to a sixteen-hour flight or taking a seat and settling in for a lengthy ride, you want to be comfortable. For those world travelers who would never dream of making it from A to Z in a pair of pajamas, here are our suggestions for must-have travel wear items that will keep you looking fabulous without skimping on comfort.

There was a time when a pair of sweatpants was the pariah of the fashion world, but no longer. Loungewear and athleisure have experienced a major comeback. A pair of sweatpants are the perfect item to wear when you’re traveling long hours. Pick something cotton, soft and breathable. We also suggest you go for an option with an adjustable waist.

Whether you’re spending hours on your feet or hauling your suitcase from one boarding gate to another, your shoes are of paramount importance. Lace-up trainers are an ideal option for travelers. They’re easy to slip on, support your feet and there are some super fashion-forward options out there. Go for the classics like Chuck Taylors or Vans but keep the look current with a pair of funky socks or opting for a daring shade.

A good, warm, comfratable and cute sweater is an important asset in your travel wear arsenal. Stay away from anything too chunky. Look for light-weight fabrics that can be layered upon. Keep your color choice neutral so it can be mixed and matched with anything else in your wardrobe.

This is one piece of traveling advice that every woman should heed: Ditch the purse! They might be stylish but a backpack is so much more functional when you’re hopping from one spot to another. There are so many chic and wearable options. If you’re looking to spice up our wardrobe’s color palette, go for something in a bold shade.

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