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The Ultimate Travel Luggage For Any Trip


Whether a long-haul flight, or a quick weekend city break, we have rounded up the most practical, yet stylish luggage for every occasion.
This smart French luggage and travel accessory brand does it all. From carry-on bags, to duffels, to small day bags, their collection of sturdy travel options will not only keep your things safe, but you will look stylish wheeling them through the airport too. Choose between hard titanium or soft materials. Available in most retail stores, or online.

This hip company has definitely made travel bags cool again.  Backpacks and satchels are no longer just for students. Its collection of bright colors and fun prints, makes booking a trip more fun. Whatever size bag you are looking for, they have it. So up your street cred and go for a Herschel.

Reliable, stylish, sturdy and universally well-known, Tumi is a name that exudes travel chic. They do all the classics, and they do them so well. Each and every one of their bags is armed with ample room, and pockets for laptops and gadgets. Whether you are a frequent flyer, a business mogul or just someone with a long commute, there is something for you.

Featuring one style in three sizes, this company personifies simplicity done well. Each bag is made from a hard polycarbonate shell and features four wheels and a sturdy handle, so running in the airport for your gate has never been easier. Affordable and functional, you can’t go wrong.