Villa Michaela: A Tuscan Retreat for the Soul

Some spaces have the capacity to transport its visitors, to whisk them away to a different time. Nestled in 50 acres of olive grows, among the pine-clad sweeping hills of the small village of Vorno, at the very foot of Lucca, sits Villa Michaela. The Tuscan villa is a rich and delectable offering of nostalgia, history and all the sweet pleasures of Italian living.

The ivy-covered stone walls of the villa have stood since the 18th Century. As the enlightenment and resplendent artistic endeavors of the Renaissance swept through the valleys of Tuscany, Villa Michaela was built encapsulating the charm and eclectic flamboyance of the time.

The interior of the villa is an ode to the decadence of the century. Each room holds a mix of old and new treasures, book-lined shelves, beckoning four-poster beds, chandeliers and an array of lush textiles. No two rooms are alike, each with their own held character.
Guests can indulge in breakfast each morning, served with sparkling glasses of Prosecco in the resident dining room. The surrounding grounds offer visitors a swimming pool, a spa, a tennis court and acres of extravagant Italian-style gardens. Despite the luxury and decadence of the B&B, the space is warm, unassuming, quirky and inviting. Each room has a view of the roving hills of nearby Lucca. The villa is located just an hour away from Florence, so a day trip to the architectural marvel is well worth the time.
The villa hosts annual wellness and yoga retreats as well as private events and weddings.

If you’re looking for an authentic Tuscan retreat that will leave you in awe of the region’s beauty and heritage, Villa Michaela is a truly spectacular choice.