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Visit Africa’s Best Surf Spots


Being the world’s second-largest continent, Africa is surrounded on all sides by beautiful oceans. For those searching for their ideal surf vacation, Africa’s coastline and many adjacents islands have some lesser-known surf hot spots that guarantee a fantastic surf experience. The oceans surrounding Africa are warm and inviting and the beaches pristine. Here are some of the best surf spots Africa has to offer.
Anakao, Madagascar
This idyllic fishing town on the southwestern point of the island of Madagascar offers some of the most inviting waves in all of Africa. Here the waves break quite far out to sea, about 2 kilometers past the beach. Once you get a tow out there you can take your pick from a lineup of perfect waves that will carry you beautifully all the way back to the white sandy beaches. Here the offshore breaks are fairly unexplored but offer waves that reach up to 8 feet.
Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
Referred to as J-bay by the locals, Jeffreys Bay is one of the most famous surf destinations on the continent with the most iconic break being Supertubes.

Supertubes is regarded as one of the best right-hand point breaks in the entire world and it breaks for about 300 meters. One a good day several boneyards may combine to form a break over 1 kilometer long. At Jbay the water is warm and inviting and the beaches and local communities are very welcoming to surfers.
Tofinho Point, Mozambique
Not only does this area boast a great right-handed reef break but the beaches here are pristine and free of tourists and crowds. Here the waves are non stop and consistent and offer amazing surfing for pros and novices.

The area is also great for snorkeling and diving and during prime surf months, you are also likely to see the migrating humpback whales pass by on the backline.