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A Look Inside These Free Spirit Spheres in Qualicum Beach, Canada


Have you ever imagined staying in a treehouse in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by giant groves of fir trees? Free Spirit Spheres offers this experience and so much more.
A Visit To Free Spirit Spheres in Qualicum Beach, Canada

Made of Sitka spruce and fiberglass by Tom the Master Craftsman and Creative Director of the treehouse resort these spheres are truly unique. The idea behind these spherical tree houses is that they add to the natural environment and work with it in harmony rather than encroaching on it. Tom is currently the only designer in the world for sphere shaped tree houses, and he uses the principles of Biomimicry in every facet of his work. Essentially Biomimicry is the idea that nature’s natural elements and solutions to problems, such as a spider web stick being woven amongst multiple trees to stay upright, should be used for building structures. Due to this, the spheres are designed to be harmonious with the natural environment, with the shape itself designed to withstand storms, and the suspension system which keeps them hoisted amongst the trees is actually very similar to how a spider web works itself.

Currently there are three to choose from of varying sizes: Eyrn, Melody, and Luna. Two more are in the works since people have been flocking to stay here and just find their peace in the woods. If you are looking to get away from the city, or simply to have the special experience of staying in a treehouse then you have to stay at one of these. They are all equipped with a bathroom and a skylight. Some contain a loft so three people can comfortably fit in them. They are completely self-contained and feature a lot of components usually used on sailboats, like the rope and pulley system, and the interior is like a cabin featuring a lot of wood and metal joints. As you fall asleep you can look up at the canopy and just forget about your worries and feel alone in the woods but within the safety of your sphere.

This is an excellent starting off point to explore the rest of Vancouver Island where the spheres are situated. There are two provincial parks in the vicinity, the Pacific Rim and Strathcona. It would be a good idea to spend one or two nights in this unique places, and then decide to head West to Tofino or up North to Strathcona Park Lodge for some breathtaking mountain views and waterfall laden hikes.