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Visiting China’s Harbin Ice and Snow Festival


When winter rolls around the northern regions of China are often blanketed in snow and changed into a bitterly cold winter wilderness. However, this drop in temperature doesn’t mean that the region is transformed into a no go zone. On the contrary, when the snow begins to fall it’s the perfect time for the region to transform itself into a magical ice kingdom with the Harbin Ice and Snow festival being a huge draw for tourists.
The festival has become an important stop on most tours of the region, and with warm winter clothes and the right shoes, everyone can enjoy it. The region around Harbin city receives a lot of snow and the locals have used this to their advantage. Using ice and snow and taking advantage of the drop in temperature, designers create a fantasy land where famous monuments from all over the world are recreated in ice and snow.

These massive ice sculptures are incredibly detailed and accurate and at night they are illuminated by colored lights which only add to their beauty. This frozen architecture is also interactive and visitors can walk inside of the sculptures and slide and climb on top of them. There are also several snow sculptures that are less sturdy but no less beautiful than their ice counterparts.
The ice show also has a great line up of winter activities that visitors can enjoy. From enjoying the ice slides to participating in the snowmen and snow castle competitions, there is plenty to do when visiting the festival. You can also hop on a horse-drawn sled and tour the frozen wonderland with your family while you enjoy some hot chocolate.

Recently one of the festival’s biggest highlights has become the massive ice slide shaped like the great wall of China where children and adults can have fun and play. For brave adults looking for an adrenaline rush, there is also winter swimming in the nearby Songhua River.