Where To Eat In Paris: 5 Top Restaurants In The City

Paris is famous for its culture, and its delicious food. This french capital is a must-see! Get ready to learn about the best Parisian restaurants and have a great time!


Miznon offers Israeli food with a French twist. The best pita bread outside of Israel. It’s a great way to start your meal by dipping the pita bread in traditional sauces.

This is the perfect place to visit in Paris if you want to take a break from French cuisine and all its butter. Miznon has also locations in Vienna, Melbourne, and New York City.

Mizon is a top-rated Paris restaurant for vegetarians. There are many plant-based options on the menu, including roasted cauliflower, falafel hamburgers with tahini, green chili peppers and ratatouille, and baked potatoes.

You’ll also leave this restaurant with a full wallet. You can enjoy delicious international food at a reasonable price, with most menu items under US$15


Mokonuts is a great place to eat if you want a break from the usual sit-down-and-eat restaurants. It is also one of the most sought-after places to eat in Paris’ eastern suburbs.

The cafe-bakery is owned by an immigrant couple. They blend their culinary traditions with a touch of French classicism, creating something distinctive and fragrant.

Omar Koreitem brings Lebanon’s flavors to your table with his savory dishes like bonito fish and tabbouleh.

Moko Hirayama, a Japanese baker, serves almond cookies and flourless chocolate cakes, among other delights.

Mounts are a casual, friendly place that is perfect for a quick lunch or to grab a pastry while you’re exploring the city.

L’Ami Jean

For some traditional French bistro dishes, head to Chez L’Ami Jean. You’ll find authentic, classic farmhouse dishes from the southwestern region of France here.

Regulars are always in the restaurant, raving about French comfort food.

The decor and layout of the restaurant have not changed much since it opened in 1930. This allows L’Ami Jean to maintain a comfortable, easy-going atmosphere that is so appealing to its regular customers.

On a rainy day, try traditional dishes such as a roast pigeon and thyme-garlic or comforting parmesan soup.

This restaurant was featured on the World 50 Best List, which is a standard of French quality food.


Septime may be a restaurant that will fool you initially. Septime may seem elegant and pretentious because it is so difficult to make a reservation. Instead, you will find a casual, balanced, and spontaneous setting with a menu.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the friendly service and spaciousness of this little gem. Booking is worth it!

The restaurant is a bistro-style modern bistro, with Bertrand Grebaut as the chef. It’s a simple menu with delicate dishes like mushrooms with foie gras, oysters, and tuna with raspberry berries and tomato water. The food is seared perfectly.


 has become a favorite among Parisians. Here you can enjoy the simple side of such a complicated cooking culture. Breizh’s star attraction is its crepes. They are probably the best crepes anywhere in Paris.

This is the best way to feel Parisian, with multiple locations all over the city.

You can also try the original savory Breton galette if you feel indecisive. This gluten-free crepe is made with buckwheat flour and filled with something savory.

Whatever filling you choose, crepes will have buttery soft edges and crunchy corners.

You can also order a homemade version of sushi from them, which is a hand-rolled buckwheat bread cut in the form of Japanese maki. Enjoy your crepes with a glass of house cider to get the authentic Parisian experience!