The 4 Strangest Hotels In The World

Strange does not mean bad, strange means unusual, out of the ordinary, something that puts you outside of your comfort zone. Each of these four hotels will definitely be completely foreign to even the most seasoned of travelers which makes them the kind of places that should be put on bucket lists. From upcycled airplanes to dog-themed guesthouses, it can be hard to choose the ‘strangest’ but these four are pretty quirky and are definitely worth at least one nights stay.

The Crane Hotel, The Netherlands

To call this a hotel is a bit of a stretch, it is literally just one room inside a giant crane that travelers can rent for an evening. But what makes this so unique is that the guests are given the crane controls which means you can spin it around and have a look at the entire ocean that surrounds you. The room itself is quite modern although the glaringly red walls are slightly off-putting.

The 4 Strangest Hotels In The World

The Sala Silvermine Hotel, Sweden

For the troglodytes out there this hotel will be very appealing and one of the hotel rooms has actually won the title of the world’s deepest hotel room. Do not expect to find any Wifi deep inside this old silver mine, in fact, it is rather dark and besides the many candles and silver furniture it slightly resembles the kind of hotel that a vampire would choose to vacation in, if they existed that is.

The 4 Strangest Hotels In The World

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

This old estate house in Kenya has been regarded as one of the more unique hotels for quite a while but the beauty of the place and its permanent residents makes it the ideal place for those who want to actively commune with wildlife. Who are the stars at this manor? The giraffes! The manor has been designed with windows that are at perfect giraffe level and left open so that these gentle giants can poke their heads in a snag some breakfast off the table with you. Children and adults alike love being able to see these beauties.

Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA

Staying with the animal theme, this rather strange bed and breakfast in the United States allows guests to stay inside a giant dog, a beagle to be exact. It is actually considered to be the biggest beagle in the world for the beagle connoisseurs out there. So, if you have ever dreamed of staying in an entirely beagle themed guest house then this will be your spot of choice.